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Menopause Yoga

Every Wednesday 7.45-9pm
Tessa Clemson Yoga
Great Harwood


Menopause Yoga brings together Western medical science and Eastern wellbeing practices to prepare, support and guide women through their menopause journey.


Every woman will experience the menopause and that journey is unique to her.

Though we may encounter some of the same symptoms our experience of them can be very different and many women only recognise retrospectively that their health issues may be hormone related.

The sessions will include an overview of why we may experience symptoms, information on nutrition, natural remedies, HRT and more as well as a

 therapeutic Yoga practice.

You will learn techniques to help manage your symptoms and be given the resources to access any further help you might need.


This therapeutic style of Yoga is curated to help manage all the main menopausal symptoms as well as establish an all important positive mindset.

The class will provide a safe, supportive space where we can share our experiences and learn from each other.

The aim is to to educate and empower all women to embrace positively the transition from peri-menopause to post menopause and onwards!



You don't have to be in any specific stage of menopause to benefit from this workshop, nor do you need to have any Yoga experience, all women and all levels of fitness are welcome.

Kind things people say...

"The tone was set perfectly by creating a relaxed yet informative environment which educated us but also made us feel comfortable enough to share our personal experiences if we wished. The yoga and breathing exercises were amazing and the journalling was very interesting and really quite thought provoking. It felt a privilege to be a part of such a lovely group."

“Thank you Jo for making the session so accessible . I've never attended anything like it before. The yoga was really relaxing and you gave out lots of ways that women can take control of their own journey. I loved the idea of the second spring !” 

"I found this course to be almost a life saver in that I can see possibilities to resolve some of my current worries. l came out of the workshop feeling so much lighter."

"Menopause is not a competition, there is no medal for getting through it without support. There can be a social peer group pressure on women to have a "natural" menopause and a view that taking HRT is a failure. Each woman is an individual and her hormone levels, genetics, life circumstances and socio-economic status all affect her experience of  the menopause. 

Menopause Yoga welcomes all those experiences without judgement"

Pertra Coveny founder of Menopause Yoga

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