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Private Yoga 

What are the benefits of a private lesson?

  • Feel less self conscious and more confident to join a class.

  •        Focus on personal interests, goals or concerns.

  •       A safe environment for beginners to build confidence.

  • ​     Work at your own pace with your own schedule.

  •       Tailor your practice around health concerns or injuries that may be limiting in a group class.


Find out more...

Single session (1hr) 
In-person at your location
Book 4 session for £200

Single session (1hr)
On-line via zoom
Book 4 sessions £140

All sessions will be at a location of your choice. You will need to provide a quiet, warm space and a Yoga mat.

All other props will be provided.

Worried about practicing alone?
You can invite a friend along for no extra charge.

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